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Electronic Music Production

Advance DAW based course

Electronic Music Production with Logic Pro X & Ableton Live

Electronic Music Production Courses Delhi

This is for beginners wanting to build a solid foundation. The course is about understanding the digital audio and using it for the purpose of producing any genre of music no matter its EDM/ Pop/ Blues/ Rock/ Jazz/ Classical or any other kind of music production.
Access to: Audio Lab Professional Software and Hardware equipment to mature your music making skills.
Requirements: Willingness to explore the exciting world of digital audio.



Course Content

Electronic Music Production Courses DelhiWe will start with the detailed overview of music production process and develop a logical terrain of how one should approach his knowledge and skill building systematically from start to finish.


Electronic Music Production Courses DelhiSetting up your music production space by understanding the fundamentals of digital audio concepts such as “Sampling Rate”, “Bit Depth”, “Buffer Size”, Analog to Digital and Digital to analog Conversion. Understanding how audio interface cater all these needs of music production process and working with digital audio.


Electronic Music Production Courses DelhiIntroduction to Digital Audio Workstation and its role in music production process. Understanding its interfaces, setting it up for recording, handling basic tasks like using key commands for easier workflow, what are loops and different types, manipulating and arranging audio and midi apple loops, basics of music arrangement, audio processing, Mixing, balancing and finally exporting your music. Basically getting and idea and starting making music from the first day itself!


Electronic Music Production Courses DelhiSignal Chain : Understanding how audio signal travels in a studio and learning to optimise before capturing it. Learning to recognise and choose the best equipment for your workflow.


Electronic Music Production Courses DelhiUnderstanding what is mono and stereo signal and learning various microphone techniques to capture the sounds of musical instruments like drums, bass, guitar, violin, saxophone.


Electronic Music Production Courses DelhiAudio Recording: Exploring different ways of recording in DAW such as single track recording, recording in multiple takes mode, punch in and out recordings. Managing the recorded audio files and exploring different recording settings within Logic Pro X & Ableton Live


Electronic Music Production Courses DelhiAudio Editing: Learning to recognise the well recorded audio signal which needs less audio correction/processing and delving into different ways of editing audio in Logic Pro X & Ableton Live. Exploring the different editing tools and learning to edit audio regions with them, learning comp editing, adding fades and cross fades to signal, editing within audio track editor, and Alignment of audio regions.


Electronic Music Production Courses DelhiUnderstanding what is MIDI, The word MIDI programming, Software Instrument and MIDI Interface. Exploring the power of MIDI and its role in context of producing music. Understanding what are sound patches and how to use them from DAW library, Creating a layered sound patch and mapping a software instrument with external controller.


Electronic Music Production Courses DelhiMIDI Recording: Learning to record midi performances within DAW in different ways. Learning to improvising and recording any musical instrument on the go (MIDI Take Recording). Correcting the timing of a MIDI recording and merging recordings into a single MIDI region. Learning modern methods of making music with advanced software virtual instruments and gradually getting to learn the powerful world of MIDI.


Electronic Music Production Courses DelhiCreating MIDI Regions Manually: Learning to create MIDI notes in piano roll editor. Learning to use external midi information within DAW.


Electronic Music Production Courses Delhi MIDI Editing: Exploring different MIDI Editing tools and learning to edit MIDI data using them. Editing all the different types of MIDI information. Learning to use various midi effects like Arpeggiator, Chord Trigger, Modifier, Note Repeater, Randomizer, Transposer, Velocity Processor and exploring how we can use them creatively during midi programming.


Electronic Music Production Courses DelhiLearning to detect tempo of the recording and set the tempo of the song accordingly, Creating your own apple loops, Tempo changes and curves in a track, Turntable effect on audio, Playing with grooves of the track, Exploring what is varispeed, Tuning vocal Recordings, Editing the timing of an audio region.


Electronic Music Production Courses DelhiLearning various tips and tricks to arrange and edit audio and MIDI parts and regions to produce full and fledged track. Learning to copy material to fill in parts, rendering multiple regions, adding and deleting sections, cutting regions to remove silence and noise.


Electronic Music Production Courses DelhiDrum Programming: Learning Various Drum Programming techniques using Logic Pro X drumming technology & Ableton Live. This will allow you to produce organic sounding acoustic and electronic drums and beats.


Electronic Music Production Courses Delhi Introduction To Mixing: Optimising various windows of Logic Pro X & Ableton Live to mix with ease, Learning to use various plugins on audio regions and tracks, Learning to mix various audio tracks with same sonics, learning to level and pan audio tracks in stereo field, learning to use various dynamic processors and time based plugins like EQ, Delay, Reverb, Compressors etc on audio material.


Electronic Music Production Courses DelhiLearning what is automation and how to record it live, creating and editing it offline, using midi controllers to automate songs and finally exporting a track.

Electronic Music Production Courses DelhiBy the end of this course, you will walk out as a professional Logic Pro X & Ableton Live user with strong fundamentals of audio engineering.
Able to work as an independent artist, as a recording engineer in studio or as a freelancer doing various audio related work.

Course Fee : ₹ 60,000

Thrice A Week | 2 months duration

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Quick Info

  • Advance Logic Pro X & Ableton Live Course
  • Candidate must practice regularly
  • Only serious and passionate candidates are allowed
  • Regular Assignments, Support & Exam based Certification
  • Expert Course Trainers

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This course runs over a 2 months period with a total cost of ₹ 60,000.