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Electronic Music Production

Advance DAW based course

Electronic Music Production

  • This is for beginners wanting to build a solid foundation. The course is about understanding the digital audio and using it for the purpose of producing any genre of music no matter its EDM/ Pop/ Blues/ Rock/ Jazz/ Classical or any other kind of music production.

  • Software we use to teach is Logic Pro X but candidate can use any if they want to.

  • Access to: Audio Lab Professional Software and Hardware equipment to mature your music making skills.

  • Requirements: Willingness to explore the exciting world of digital audio.


Course Content

  • The course starts with understanding of Logic Pro X interfaces, handling basic tasks like using key commands for easier workflow, manipulating and arranging audio and midi apple loops, basics of audio processing and balancing and finally exporting your music. So basically starting making music from the first day itself!
  • Exploring the world of digital audio and digging deeper into the concepts such as Sampling Rate, Bit depth, Head Room, Signal to noise Ratio, Frequency, Pitch, Amplitude, Volume, Harmonics. Understanding this will allow you to make clean recordings in any environment and making good decisions when it comes to buying a professional equipment for yourself.
  • Digging deeper and learning more about engineering and recording with different microphones practically in studio environment with different microphone types simultaneously understanding about Polar Patterns, Multi-Mic Techniques, Phase Issues, Layering, Double Tracking, Ad-Libs etc.
  • Once we are done with practical and theory sessions of recording in different environments, then we will learn about advance audio editing techniques and various audio manipulation methods. This will uncover the powerful tools provided in Digital audio workstation step by step to advance level.
  • Learning about the modern methods of making music with advanced software virtual instruments and gradually getting to learn the powerful world of MIDI and its editing techniques. This uncovers the real power of a modern composer and musician.
  • Learning Drum Programming using Logic Pro X drumming technology. This will allow you to produce organic sounding acoustic and electronic drums and beats.
  • Learning about the sound design, various arranging workflows, logic automations and finally exporting the track.


By the end of this course, you will walk out as a professional Logic Pro X user with strong fundamentals of audio engineering.

Able to work as an independent artist, as a recording engineer in studio or as a freelancer doing various audio related work.

Course Fee : ₹ 60,000

( Mon-Wed-Friday) | 2 months duration

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Course Tutors

Electronic Music Production Courses Delhi

Sumit Kumar


Founder & CEO ( Crypto Cipher )

Quick Info

  • Mac computer will be provided for practice
  • Candidate must practice regularly
  • Only serious and passionate candidates are allowed
  • Affordable Fees & Advance Course
  • Expert Course Trainers

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This course runs over a 2 months period with a total cost of ₹ 60,000.

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