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Sound Engineering Diploma

Sound Engineering & Advance Music Production - Complete Control Over Sound

Sound Engineering Diploma : Crypto Cipher Audio Lab

Recordings, Editing, Arranging, Sound Designing, Synthesis, Sampling, Advance Mixing & Mastering, Field Recordings, Capturing Reverb of Real Places, Sound Design, Movie Background scoring 

Traditional role of sound engineer was to support studio work and support music composer task but today’s ” sound engineer ” means doing everything related to music production and sound engineering task from Art of Miking, Recordings, Editing, Arranging, Sound Designing, Synthesis, Sampling,  Mixing & Mastering, Post Production work, Jingles Production, Movie Background Scoring to complete Writing Music process with the knowledge of Music theory & MIDI technology. So, basically today’s sound engineers are one man army for finalising complete product without depending on anyone.

Or we can say today’s Music Producers are Sound Engineers as well.

Aim of the Course : Exploring all the various modules of Complete Music Making process in Detail by sharing latest technologies happening in music Industry. Training candidate mind for any situation in studio either creative or corrective, No matter wherever candidate work in the world or set up his own studio, he should be one man army & powerhouse of knowledge.

Course Highlights

  • Expert & Dedicated Trainer’s focussing on details of the topics.
  • Students will be trained to use multiple DAWs available for Mac and Windows, various third party professional tools will be introduced for sound mangling and processing.
  • Workshops from Renowned artist and music instrument makers of India.
  • Training sessions related to studio acoustics and signal wiring connections from industry experts.
  • Special Online Classes from the faculty teaching at Berklee College of Music, USA.
  • One month compulsory internship will be provided under audio company Crypto Cipher
  • Course Certificate & Intern Certificate will be provided to the candidate.

Electronic Music Production Courses Delhi

Basic Course Structure Overview

  • Complete Music Production Foundation Course will be covered. Read the details in Electronic Music Production Course.
  • Detailed Logic Pro X & Ableton Live DAW’s
  • Art of Miking : Various Techniques of Microphone placements and types on various sound sources.
  • Recordings :  Today’s digital audio workstations offer various great methods for recording audio for various situations. Imagine a situation when engineer and performer is same guy in the studio.
  •  Fundamentals of Audio : Before we jump into various audio tools, Audio must be understood first. We will go through various characteristics of sounds. These concept will be taught to you in unique teaching methods prepared and developed for candidate pursuing this course.
  • Art of Listening and Viewing Audio : Trainer will show you these techniques which they use for advance sampling work for their own company.
  • Smart Editing Techniques : These special techniques discussed during the course will again help you in knowing audio in entire unique way. Learn to edit groups of samples in various methods, which will again help you in making your workflow professional and musical.
  • Art of making Drum Tracks : Drumming patterns and its sound is the heart of most of the track in electronic music and many other genres. The drums alone can make your track stand out from crowd and we highly recommend mastering this art. student will shown mind shattering techniques to make professional sounding drums.
  • MIDI concepts and Techniques : In-depth study of Software Instruments, MIDI Recording, Editing MIDI, Manipulation with Continuous Control messages and Note events , MIDI Automations and many tricks involved.

These days you can play ultra-realistic performances from software instruments. You can play real sounding Guitar, real Hollywood sounding strings , Epic Percussions and almost all real instrument you can think can be played using software instruments via MIDI.

You can check Indian Instruments made by Crypto Cipher here : Crypto Cipher is known for making world best Indian software instruments Libraries and have also developed some extinct and rare instruments.

  • Music Theory : Along with traditional methods of learning music theory, some resources for electronic music producers will be shared.
  • Automations : Today, Professional computerised mixing boards and digital audio workstation are fully automated. You will be learning the art of automating the mix.
  • Using External Controllers : You ll learn to use any external controller with your DAW.
  • Creating Apple Loops & Rex Loops : Art of syncing a recorded phrase at various speed of project.
  • Movie Background Scoring : Learn how to work with videos.
  • Concepts of Synthesis will be taught in a entire exciting way so that understanding each synth module becomes fun activity. Oscillators (core of synthesis), Filters, Control Voltage, VCA . Learn how to design timbres. You ll be learning to produce your own sounds, example learn how to make different kind of bass, lead sounds along with various pitched and non pitched risers.
  • Third Party Software Synths : You ll be learning in depth synthesis with industry leading synths Massive & Serum.
  • Field Recording : Explore the art of recording field noises and use them in your productions creatively.
  • Sound Design : Many third party sound design tools will be explored during course. example Vocal effects and processing along with manipulations with variety of audio material.
  • Art of capturing Reverbs : You can capture reverb of any hall and then use it later on your tracks.
  • Sampling : You can play any sound you can imagine on the keyboard. This amazing art will help you in creating unique ideas for your tracks.
  • Art of Audio Repair : Helpful for dialogue editors and post production professionals. We will also use these techniques for sound design process.
  • Mixing : You ll be exploring many audio effects which will help you in corrective as well creative part of music making process.Detailed Dynamics Effects , Filters & delays will be explored in detail.
  • Along with many inbuilt plugins, Some of the world’s finest Mixing plugins will be explained in detail to get professional output of the song.
  • Course will cover UAD Plugins and Izotope Mixing Plugins.
  • Special Mixing Cases : Learn how to mix the low frequency sounds. These session focuses on mixing kicks, sub bass, mid range basses and snares.
  • Mastering : Learn to finalise the audio by mastering the song. Various tips and tricks will be shared for professional sounding tracks.

By the end of the course you will have in-depth knowledge of complete music production process and will be able to kickstart your professional music career.

Course Fee : ₹ 1,80,000

6 months duration

2 months (Thrice a week) , 3 months (Twice a week), Last month Internship

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Course Tutors

Electronic Music Production Courses Delhi

Sumit Kumar


Founder & CEO ( Crypto Cipher )

Electronic Music Production Courses Delhi

Rishabh Rajan – Online


Assistant Professor (Berklee College of Music ) ( Renowned Faculty )

Quick Info

  • In-depth Course
  • Candidate must practice after each session
  • Only serious and passionate candidates are allowed
  • Mac computer will be provided for practice
  • Expert Course Trainers

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This course runs over a 5 months training and 1 month internship period with a total cost of ₹ 1,80,000.

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