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About Crypto Cipher

Crypto Cipher

Crypto Cipher is the result of an amazing journey of challenges and pleasant discoveries prodded by our love for sounds, which saw the light of the day in late 2010. Traversing through this melodic journey, we captured and recorded rare sounds that we believe can very well be the answer to a variety of your musical requirements. One thing led to another and now we are a fully equipped sample library development audio lab that offers affordable, authentic sounding and high-quality sample instruments. We record performances by top-notch artists and raw organic sounds, which can be easily synced with any type of music production.

Now after 8 years of continuous work

Crypto Cipher is known for India’s most advance sampled instruments development company and have been supported/endorsed by various Oscar/Grammy/Grammy Nominated guys which includes the name AR Rahman , BT , John Swihart , Pete Lockett and many countless names for their work worldwide. Crypto Cipher Academy focuses on music production education in India.

Crypto Cipher is known for their work in field of “ Advance Sample Library Development” and “Indian musical Art Promotion worldwide”. Crypto Cipher has also developed a platform for composers where they can get High quality instruments recorded from talented renowned artist of India.

Crypto Cipher is the first company who have revolutionised the sample library development in India.Crypto Cipher has developed some of the realistic sounding Software instruments which include some extinct and rare instruments of India : Solo Tabla ,Swarmandal,  Tabla Tarang , Harmoniums , Tongue Drums , Voices of Ragas , Solo Dholak and many useful instruments for modern music composers.