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Crypto Cipher Audio Lab

Indian Sample Library Development, Advanced Audio Technology Education, and Global Promotion of Indian Artists.
Crypto Cipher is successfully globalising Indian art in amazingly unique ways through technology.

Crypto Cipher dynamically accentuate India’s sample library development industry and its artists. Alongside, the company engaged in providing quality advanced education to people aspiring to become working professionals in the music industry. Crypto Cipher continuously and relentlessly propagates the course of Indian artists all over the world.

Crypto Cipher has stayed true to its core values and mission statement, and for over 10 years, it has grown to become the only company that is most sought-after in Hollywood/Bollywood and all around the globe for its Indian Software Instruments and Products.

Crypto Cipher has been proudly endorsed and supported by famous multi award-winning (Oscar/Bafta/Grammy awards) and Nomination centric artistes including the names AR Rahman, BT, John Swihart, Pete Lockett, Nainita Desai, Jorg Huttner, Laurent Zillani, K.J Singh, David Buckley and many more talented and renowned artists for their works all over the world.
our studio
Indian Sample Library Development
Revolutionising the sample library development in India. Crypto Cipher is constantly working in development of advanced ancient Indian Kontakt Instruments which also include some extinct and rare instruments of India, Creating Innovative Indian Playable software instruments for Modern Music Composers.
Advanced Audio Technology Education
Advances in Audio technology has evolved in the music industry and Crypto Cipher is dedicated to educating Musicians, Composers , Music Students and Music Aspirants on latest trends in audio technology and their applications through its various advanced education programmes in line with the education system of India. Crypto Cipher seeks to develop interest, capacity and expertise in the use of latest audio technology tools by Sound Engineers, Musicians and Students.
Crypto Cipher Mission is provide most advance audio technology education in India. Making our student powerhouse of knowledge by giving them most involving & informative process, finally developing an audio researching attitude in their practice.

This proven process develops most fundamental concepts strong to stay updated with ever evolving Audio Technology. This one complete process is developed & trained by Industry successful experts with international standards of course structure for most rewarding career in the field of audio.

Crypto Cipher Audio Lab Provides you with sound proof classrooms for theory sessions & all practical sessions will be done inside the professional studio. A separate control room & recording studio set is just dedicated for student practice so that they do enough practice before they enter professional industry. Candidate after completing the Sound Engineering Diploma will be able to work in studio with all digital technologies related to music production and also will be able to construct complete professional studio single handily.
Crypto Cipher Future Vision, plans to launch India’s first Audio Research library where all our student after classes can practice endlessly in a library environment under various knowledgeable mentors trained in D.A.W ( Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, Fruity Loops etc ), Audio Electronics, Acoustics, EDM, Acoustics and various audio technology Dimensions.

Crypto Cipher also has vision of developing a professional career for students under same roof by giving ample career Opportunities by developing a separate professional studio where industry commercial work will be offered to students. Students will get chance of working with clients under guidance of studio experts before they enter professional industry creating a strong portfolio beforehand.
Global Promotion of Indian Artists
Crypto Cipher prioritizes global promotion of Indian Classical Artists in the international scene. With its multi-dynamic promotion features, Crypto Cipher catalyzes the acceptance and recognition of Indian artists while also making their works recognized across the globe.