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Course registration

Admission Procedure

Please note Registration of your seat is done in two steps:

Step A : Online Payment of Rs 11800, Call Academy Counsellor 9910092983 and ask for 24 hours valid online quick payment link.
Step B : Submit the form available on this below given page.

01. Upload your signatures & parents/guardian signatures after reading all terms & conditions mentioned under this page.
02. You'll receive the confirmation of your seat within 24 hours after filling the form below & Submitting Registration amount. Registration Fees is not extra payment, It is part of your fees.
03. Incase you need any support or have any queries then don’t hesitate and contact at 9910092983 or email us at
Fill The Form ( Select Your Batch & Fill all your personal details )
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Terms and Conditions
The Terms & Conditions envisaged herein are integral to, and candidates applying for the admission in Crypto Cipher Academy are advised to go through the Terms and Conditions carefully, understand the same, and thereafter apply for the admission.
  • Candidates need to ensure that the information submitted by them is correct in all aspects.
  • Only one registration can be made in a particular batch by a candidate. Duplicate registrations are liable to be rejected and fee forfeited.
  • Candidates are required to upload their original photographs / Parents Signature as per the specification provided in this admission form. Failing to do so, they will be disallowed to take admission.
In Case of Cancellation of Registration
The cancellation of registration hold back someone who is willing to take admission in the batch as there are limited number of seats and disturbs the overall arrangement.
It is advisable to make sure within you that you want study before registering yourself. However, in case of unavoidable circumstances, if a cancellation of registration is indispensable to be done, it will be carried out under three limitations:
  • If the candidate cancels his registration two weeks before the batch commencement date, he will get refund of 50 percent of registration amount excluding GST. B)
  • If the candidate inform and cancel his seat within the period of two weeks prior to batch commencement date, there will be no refund given back. C)
  • If the candidate don’t get in touch with the academy after registration and don’t show up in the first class, his/her seat will be cancelled with no refund.
Seat Cancellation Procedure
Write an application signed by candidate and one of the parents stating clearly the reason for the cancellation of registration and submit to the office to initiate the process.
How to Submit my Fee
  • Students must pay their payable installment of fee within awarded time limit. Any delay in due payment (full or partial), beyond the contracted period, may payoff into the cancellation of seat with "no refund" at all.
  • No grace period will be offered for payment of installment.
  • Once commencement of batch is instituted, no fee will be refunded for any reason e.g. inability to attend classes due to health problems, change of mind, relocation to a new residence place or class schedule timings incompatibility etc.
Maintaining Classroom Discipline
  • The classes will be scheduled in the morning and daytime according to modules. It is advisable to attend classes timely.
  • There will be no repetition of missed or absent classes/lectures due to logical complexity of course.
  • The language used by the teachers to teach will be a mix of Hindi and English. (Candidate must speak one out of two and be able to understand both.)
  • Any form of recording/capturing of lectures using any kind of A/V recording equipment is strictly prohibited as this is the intellectual property of the academy. Any failure in complying of this instruction in letter and spirit may results in confiscation of equipment and/or cancellation of registration.
  • Any act, willingly/unwillingly, within the academy premises, causing disturbance of academy environment, may lead to immediate cancellation of registration without any kind of refund.
Certificates will only be issued after satisfying all the requirements related to exam modules and projects submission, within set deadlines, in maximum of 3 attempts.
Health Advisory
*Academy cares for the health of every student but will not be responsible for any ill-health situation/medical issue faced by candidate during the entire course duration, within or outside the premises.
I/ We (The Student and/or Parents/Guardian) have completely read and understood the Terms and Conditions for admission as well as commencement of classes in the Crypto Cipher Academy. *
I/ We also promise to abide by these rules and regulations. If found impeached, academy has right to take a disciplinary or legal action against us, and we will not challenge their decision in any court of law. * In case of any query/question/complaint or suggestion, you can access the management of academy by the following methods:
For Physical Access : CRYPTO CIPHER Space No: 1, Second Floor DA - Block Market (Ramji Lal Commercial Shopping Complex) Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi – 110088.