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Best Music Production Course in Delhi

Best Music Production Course in Delhi

Are You Looking for the Best Music Production Course in Delhi?

What do top artists like Dr. Dre, Kanye West, Metro Boomin, Calvin Harris, Skrillex, and DJ Snake have in common? They are masters in the art of music production. So, if you are a budding Rapper, Beat Maker, DJ, or EDM Producer, then you have come to the right place. Crypto Cipher Academy can help you by offering one of the best music production courses in Delhi. Our advanced courses have comprehensive modules on sound recording, editing, track arrangements, music theory,  mixing, mastering, studio interconnection, and acoustics among many others that will bring any student up to par with industry professionals.

What Is Music Production?

Music Production is an inter-disciplinary process by which music is created, edited, perfected, and then presented to the public. In more concrete terms, music production refers to the song-making process from composition and arrangement to mixing and mastering. The music production process consists of mainly six steps:

  • Composition
  • Arrangement
  • Recording
  • Editing
  • Mixing
  • Mastering

What Does A Music Producer Do?

The role of a Music Producer is rather expansive and subject to change according to the genre and technology available. Crypto Cipher is regarded as one of the best music production courses in Delhi because we help budding music producers to create a vision and help them realize it. Our modules train the student in all the necessary skills that are expected from a music producer. These skills include:

  • Setting up recording sessions with the artist
  • Operating studio equipment
  • Operating a digital audio workstation or DAW
  • Songwriting and providing structure to the music
  • Maintaining sample libraries and plugin collections for access to sounds
  • Recording instruments and vocals
  • Mixing and Mastering or hiring a specialized sound engineer and guiding them.

Do I Need Training In Music Production To Become A Music Producer?

Getting professional training would be a smart move if you want to take up music production as a full-time vocation. With proper training and certification, you can get work in a studio, production house, club, or training institute as a paid employee or an intern. Obviously, there are many examples of music producers who never had any formal training but these artists are dime a dozen. Even if you already possess all the traits of a successful music producer, a proper education in the field can help you polish your skills and take them to the next level. Consult the flowchart below for a simplified look at the trajectory of a music producer from beginner to professional.

Why Select Crypto Cipher Academy for learning Music Production Courses in Delhi?

Our course is considered to be among the best music production course in Delhi because we compartmentalize the responsibilities of a music producer into comprehensive modules that come together to provide the students with a strong foundation. We cultivate knowledge in a way that a music producer can be self-sufficient and expertly navigate through all six steps of the music production process. We have separate modules that individually cover topics like recording, using a daw to make music, sound design, using different types of consoles, studio acoustics, mixing, and mastering in great detail. The students will be taught in state-of-the-art classrooms and studios with industry-standard equipment that the professionals use. They are taught by faculty members who are experienced in their respective fields and dedicate a lot of attention towards the development of each and every student. As a sample library developer Crypto Cipher is recognized worldwide. Our products are used by renowned composers and music producers for everything from Hollywood movies to game sound design.

What Would a Career in Music Production Look Like after Crypto Cipher?

Your music production career will get a kickstart after you complete one of the best music production courses in Delhi with Crypto Cipher Academy. There are many avenues to earn a decent living in this profession. As the industry grows bigger, every year a greater demand for skilled music producers is generated. Other than music production the students can take up vocations like mix engineer, mastering engineer, sound designer, sample library developer, beatmaker, live performance, live sound engineer, film dialogue related work, recording engineer, audio editor, film and TV composer, midi programmer, ADR work, audio post-production work and many more. The student can also seek employment in studios, sound rental companies, sound installation companies, radio and broadcasting, production houses, film/game sound design, and foley recording services.  They can also start their own studio to provide services to clients and grow their own business. Another option is to work in other music-related fields like music marketing, working with labels & studios as skilled artists or managers, audio equipment dealers for marketing and demonstrations, and also work for acoustic treatment companies.

Frequently Asked Questions of Students and Admission Seekers

  • What Equipment Do I Need to Start in Music Production?

You do not need a lot of equipment to start music production. However, there are a few things that are absolutely necessary like a computer and a DAW which is compatible with your DAW.

  • What DAW will we learn?

We will be learning two DAWs. Logic Pro and Ableton Live ( Level 1 & 2 - Advanced )

  • Is Knowledge of Acoustics Necessary for a Music Producer?

The environment in which music is produced has a massive influence on the end result. Music is produced in a room most of the time. The room has a tone of its own that colors the output offer speakers. Not only does the room color the sound, but the placement of your speakers inside the room will also change your output considerably. This distorts our perception of the music we hear. At Crypto Cipher we offer a dedicated module on studio acoustics that provides the student with the knowledge that they can use to fine-tune their own production space and also build their own studio. Please read Acoustics Module for more details.

  • Is Knowledge of Mixing and Mastering Necessary for a Music Producer?

One can hire a specialized mixing/mastering engineer but they lose creative control of their music. More and more music producers opt to mix and master their own songs. A thorough understanding of the mixing and mastering process will be useful even if you do hire an engineer for the job because then you can guide them to realize the vision you have for your music. Although we encourage each student to learn "The Art of Mixing & Mastering"

  • I just want to learn DAW so is it okay if I don't like other modules?

 For students who only want to master DAWs, we offer a 2 monthly course that will give you a strong foundation for music production but we encourage students to take Diploma courses as all the modules have been designed for a successful music career, not to mention you don't want to miss best music production course in Delhi which is carefully designed step by step process to make candidate powerhouse of Knowledge. Please read about Complete Music Production & Sound Engineering Modules details on Crypto Cipher Academy Website

  • How do I get my certification?

The student needs to pass all the exams for individual modules and also submit all the projects that are assigned. On completion, we will provide the student with our certificate.

  • Are there online classes?

We only offer online classes during lockdowns. Otherwise, classes are held at the Academy. A lot of topics cannot be covered properly with online classes. Module-like ones involving studio equipment require the student to be physically present in the studio to understand it to the best of their abilities.

  • What is the Eligibility for this course?

Besides having a genuine interest in the music-making process, students must have a general idea about computers, operating systems, and basic mathematics.

  • What are the facilities at the Academy?

At Crypto Cipher Academy classes are held at two of our project studios. Students are trained with equipment that is commonly used by industry professionals. Please visit Studio Equipment Page for further detailed information.

  • What plugins will I learn during the course?

Students are taught using the best plugins available to music producers. We use various plugins from leading developers like Izotope, Native Instruments, Fabfilter, XFER, Waves, and UAD, among others. Please read Mixing & Mastering Module for detailed information